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Sound Mandarin for English Speakers BLL194


Sound Mandarin for English Speakers helps readers learn Chinese pinyin as the starting point and use words that are similar and will be beneficial to understand the characteristics of the Chinese language. This book provides specific grammar lessons and describes cultural and social knowledge so that students can master the Chinese language and at the same time, get an understanding of Chinese society. For the Table of Contents click here.

《读拼音学汉语》的最大特色是通过拼音的方式帮助读者学习汉语,以拼音为切入点,通过对比的方式将汉语和英语的发音、语法点、用法联系起来,非常有益于学习者熟悉和了解汉语的语言特点,并使学习者能够快速提高汉语听力、口语水平。  《读拼音学汉语》提供系统规范的汉语语法知识,并通过中英语言对比的方式,帮助读者轻松地掌握汉语语法。同时《读拼音学汉语》介绍了大量中国现当代文化信息和社会常识,使学习者在掌握汉语的同时,从多元的角度感受和理解中国社会,并提高学习兴趣。 详细内容请参阅中文目录

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 278 pages, 11.25"x8.3", 1CD
Item: Sound Mandarin for English Speakers
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