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FeiYue Intermediate Chinese BLL203


Feiyue Intermediate Chinese, a set of two student's textbooks and one teacher's book, is intended for English-speaking students in college and high school. Feiyue meansto fly forward and serves here as a metaphor for the progression that will occur in students' Chinese proficiency levels after actively working through the meticulously designed exercises and activities in these textbooks. These textbooks have the following features: Lead-in pictures for each lesson which highlight their subjecy matter and the key words. Eah lesson consists of a dialog and a narrative passage in both simplified and traditional characters. For each new word, in addition to a pinyin transcription and an English exolaination, parts of speech and examples of usage are also provided. Each lesson integrates an array of exercises and activities in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and typing Chinese. Character components are illustrated, explanations of language points are simple, precises and practical. Pictures and real-life materials accompany the lessons. CDs in MP3 format are provided for all texts and listening exercises. Please click here for table of content. 

Book Titles:
Vol. 1 学生用书(上)
Vol. 2 学生用书(下) 

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters and English, 309-324 pages/book, 11.15"x8.15", 1 MP3/book.
Item: FeiYue Intermediate Chinese
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