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Chinese for Beginners BLL214


This is the coordinated book of “Chinese for Beginners”, an ABC MOOC on Coursera for the global learners focus on listening and speaking. The number of the visitors is up to 650,000 by August 2016 and the active learners are more than 300,000 from more than 200 countries and regions. The course is made up of 28 lessons in 7 modules. Selected topics and situations come from real life scenarios and about 180 vocabularies can be used for everyday communication. And what is better, learners don’t need to study Chinese characters. The appendix at the end of the book is the vocabulary list with Pinyin, Chinese character, English and Spanish which is helpful for the learners to summarize and review.

本书是慕课三巨头之一的Coursera平台上明星课程《Chinese for Beginners(中文入门)》的同步配套教材。该课程专门针对零起点汉语学习者设计,以听说为主,注册学习人数达到65万,来自全世界200多个国家或地区。活跃的学习者达30万。课程分7个单元,每单元4课,共28课,介绍了汉语的语音概况和基本的日常表达。通过从真实生活场景中精选的单元话题和相应的练习,学习者可以借助拼音学习关于个人信息、饮食、时间、购物、居住环境、健康、爱好等方面的词语和句子。课程用英文讲授,不涉及汉字,降低了初学者的学习难度。教材附录设有日常交际的基础词汇表,拼音汉字对照,英语、西班牙语注释,方便学习者查找记忆。

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 95 pages, 7"x4.5"
Item: Chinese for Beginners
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