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Learning Chinese Through XiangSheng BLL218


A top-notch textbook on culture, by famous xiangsheng 相声 performers in collaboration with veteran Chinese language teachers.
A book with profound knowledge explained in simple language, with Chinese language phenomena, traditional Chinese culture and xiangsheng 相声 knowledge combined together. An entertaining teaching material which deepens your understanding of Chinese language and culture in a relaxing and humorous atmosphere. A textbook suitable for the cultural experience course of teaching Chinese as an international language as well as Chinese teachers’ talent training course.

1. 著名相声表演艺术家与资深汉语教师联袂打造精品文化教材.
2. 深入浅出,融汉语语言现象、中华传统文化、相声知识技艺于一炉.
3. 寓教于乐,在轻松幽默的说学逗唱中,加深对语言和文化的理解.
4. 可服务于汉语国际教育文化体验课或汉语教师才艺培训课.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters with English, 136 pages, 10.25"x 7.25"
Item: Learning Chinese Through XiangSheng
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