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Travel through China with 300 Words BLL220


This is a handbook of basic conversations in travelling for foreign tourists in China or Chinese language learners with limited or no previous Chinese learning experience. This book, with travelling as the main content, covers boarding, going through customs, accommodation, transportation, dining and other aspects. Each chapter has a specific scene which is not only immersive for readers but also easy to look up. It also includes the most practical and catchy words and sentences using concise and native language. The whole book has pinyin and English tranlation, and you can read the pinyin or point it in an emergency to express your intention, which is easy and convenient when you travel indenpendently.


By Yaomei Wang, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters with Pinyin and English, 73 pages, 6.68"x3.75"
Item: Travel through China with 300 Words
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