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Voyages in Chinese Workbook (1 CD) BLM093


Voyages in Chinese has been designed especially for teaching Chinese to secondary school students whose native language is English. The series covers three grade levels in three separate volumes. Each level includes a student textbook accompanied by a workbook, a teacherís handbook, Chinese character flash cards, wall charts, and multimedia support through CD-ROMs and PowerPoint courseware. The series covers all areas in the new Edexcel Chinese GCSE syllabus. Each volume has eight units, with each unit containing three lessons that focus on a common topic or activity. Students should be able to sit for the GCSE after completing the first two volumes. The third volume further develops studentsí language ability and helps them to begin studying for A level courses. The series has a practical orientation and is tailored to the needs of secondary school students who wish to study Chinese as a foreign language. By using the series, students will be able to reach the standard required for GCSE Chinese in listening, speaking, reading and writing at a reasonable pace. Please review the table of contents.

本书是为以英语为母语的11~16岁中学生编写的汉语教材,全套教材分为三个等级(第一册、第二册和第三册),每个等级均有学生用书(课本)、教师用书、练习册、字词卡片、挂图及CD-ROM,PPT课件等多媒体产品。全书以话题为主线,每册有八个单元,每个单元由相关话题的三篇课文组成。通过本套教材的学习,学生可以基本掌握汉语的听说读写技能,同时根据中学生认知特点、水平等级,以及汉语本身的特点,对教材内容进行科学编排,在结构上循序渐进,力求全面系统体现中学阶段外语教学目标。 请参阅中文目录

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, Pinyin & English, 120-160 pages/book, 11.25"x8.25", 1 CD
Item: Voyages in Chinese Workbook (1 CD)
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