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Amazing Chinese - Textbook BLM107


Amazing Chinese series is a set of teaching materials specifically designed for a Chinese language course within international schools. The teaching materials aim to support and establish the learning foundations of secondary school students who are non-native Chinese speakers. The series have six levels. Each level contains a textbook, a workbook and a teacher’s book.
Amazing Chinese consists of four learning units. Each unit has three lessons which totals up to twelve lessons for the entire book. Upon completion of the learning of this textbook, students can achieve a language standard that is equivalent of the HSK1 level. It is recommended that for each lesson, the teaching hours should be between six and eight hours. The teacher may exercise flexibility in adjusting the teaching hours depending on the students’ backgrounds and learning situations.
"Text" and "Dialogue" form the two main learning sections in this book. There are six language practice parts, which include "Reading comprehension", "Key language practice", "Dialogue practice", "Listening practice", "Character practice" and "Activity". Supplementary information like "Culture note" and "Language note" are made available wherever relevant. Furthermore, the before lesson "Learning goals" explanation and end of lesson "Checklist", provide students the opportunity to self-check if they have understood the important vocabulary and the communication content.A large variety of classroom activities ("Task") are designed to further enhance the effectiveness of language practice through pair work or small group interactive learning. "Challenge" provides the option of differentiated teaching which teachers may use flexibly depending on the students’ situations.

       本书内容包括“课文”和“对话”两大学习区块,并安排“课文理解”、“语言点练习”、“对话练习”、“听力练习”、“汉字练习”和“任务活动”等六个语言练习的内容,另外视需要加入文化(Culture note) 及语言 知 识(Language note) 补 充。 而 课前的“学习目标”与课末的“你会了吗”(Checklist),则提供学生自我检核是否学会重要词汇及沟通内容。
        本书设计了大量且多样的课堂任务活动,透过两人或小组的互动学习,更能提升语言练习效果。Challenge则提供差异化教学选择,可视学生状况弹性运用。 第一册课本有四个学习单元,每个单元各有三课,总计十二课。全册学习结束,语言程度可达HSK1。每课教学建议时间为6~8 小时,教师可依学生背景及学习状况弹性调整。

PRE-ORDER Vol. 1 will be available by the end of September 2023

Book Titles:
Vol. 1  第一册
Vol. 2 第二册
Vol. 3 第三册
Vol. 4 第四册

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 144 pages/book,11"x8.25"
Item: Amazing Chinese - Textbook
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