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Intermediate Chinese Intensive Course BLO064


This is a wonderful set of two books, which are designed for students with an intermediate level of Chinese. Its lessons cover a broad range of the Chinese language and are not only extremely interesting and bursting with knowledge, but are also just downright useful. Each volume has twenty lessons, which are split up into five parts: introduction, vocabulary list, text, comments, and exercises. The vocabulary lists are extremely useful with explanations in Chinese and some English and synonyms of some of the new words. Upon completion of Volume 2, the student will feel extremely comfortable speaking, reading and writing Chinese.

《中级汉语精读教程》是为在全日制学校学过一年(约800学时)汉语的外国留学生编写的中级精读课本。对于学过《高等学校外国留学生汉语教学大纲》(长期进修)中的初级词(2399个),汉语水平考试成绩达到三级(即初等C级)的外国人也适用。 教材以突出科学性和实用性、讲求通用性和持久性、增强知识性和趣味性为原则,依据精读课的课型特点和中级阶段学习的特点进行设计和编写。

《中级汉语精读教程(1)(第二版)》是《中级汉语精读教程》的修订版。本教材本着突出科学性和实用性、讲求通用性和持久性、增强知识性和趣味性的原则,同时依据精读课的课型特点和中级阶段学习的特点来进行设计和编写。中级共分为2 册,每册15课,共30课,供一学年使用。在选材上,特别注意选用与现实生活密切相关的、内容与词语句式都实用的新鲜语料。所选语料题材广泛,体裁多样,内容丰富,富有知识性和可读性。力求做到内容科学实用,语言准确规范,结构清晰合理。并以《高等学校外国留学生汉语教学大纲》(长期进修)和《汉语水平词汇与汉字等级大纲》来控制生词的数量和等级、确定语法项目的分布,从而确保教材的中级水平,注意使生词保持一定的重现率。请参阅中文目录

Paperback, Simplified Chinese, Pinyin and English, 238-258 pages, 10.25"x7.25"

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