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A Practical Chinese Grammar BLO181


A comprehensive and systematic Chinese grammar book, A Practical Chinese Grammar is especially compiled for Chinese language learners. It can be used as textbook for junior and senior students majoring in Chinese, self-taught learners, undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and teachers of Chinese as a foreign language. Since its publication in 1992, it has achieved widespread influence in the field of teaching Chinese as a foreign language and has been adapted as textbook by many colleges and institutes of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. The second version is more applicable. Grammatical explanations are more sufficient and examples are more standardized and topical. Exercises and Answer Key are provided for in-class and after-class practice. The Workbook is available too.

本书是一部全面系统的汉语语法书,专为外国人学习汉语而编写。可作为留学生本科三、四年级语法课教材,也可用于自学,对外汉语教学专业本科生、研究生及对外汉语教师也可用以学习和参考。 本书自1992年初版以来,在对外汉语教学界产生了广泛影响,被多家对外汉语教学院校所采用。本书是第二次修订本,针对性和实用性更强,语法解释更为充分,例句进一步规范,对语法讲解也作了适当补充,并增加了很多富有时代感的新例句。 另配有《实用汉语语法习题及解答》,可用于课上或课后练习。
第一章 绪论
第二章 语法单位和语法分析
第三章 词的构造
第四章 词的分类
第五章 短语的结构和分类
第六章 句子的类型
第七章 主语和谓语
第八章 述语和宾语
第九章 定语、状语和中心语
第十章 补语
第十一章 句子的复杂化
第十二章 句式的变换
第十三章 句子的组合
第十四章 数量范畴
第十五章 动态范畴

2nd Revised Edition, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 513 pages, 9.5"x6.75"
Item: A Practical Chinese Grammar
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