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China in Movies: Chinese History (5 DVDs) BLO205


This multi-media series introduces China and Chinese language through movies. These movies are:
Bilingual: All movie lines and teaching materials are translated to make the relatively difficulty movie language more manageable and friendlier to a learning environment. This enables learners to focus on comprehension of Chinese culture and comparisons with their own cultures. It also facilitates self-study.
Thematic highlights: The selection of “culture points” is highly focused on each module’s theme. The aim is to lead the student from depth to breadth, from the specific to the general towards a more comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture.
Comparing cultures: Flexible teaching methods are used to inspire learners to compare and contrast Chinese culture with their own cultures, given that people are more likely to be open-minded towards a different culture and different ways of thinking when they have points of comparison.
Abundant resources: each thematic module is a learning package containing 
a. Four representative movies: complete version, in high quality DVDs
b. One movie appreciation guide: bilingual, colorful print, includes background information, critiques of certain episodes, introduction and discussion of “culture points”, “knowledge link” and interactive exercises. Also suitable for self learners.
c. One multi-media interactive teaching DVD: includes classic episodes with bilingual scripts; may serves as teaching guides, role play guides, etc.     
d. One set of theme cards: each module contains a set of 8 cards with exquisite pictures and classic catchphrases; may be used as postcards or bookmarks. For example, the theme cards in the Chinese History module feature classic Chinese relics, paintings and calligraphy, and classic philosophic sayings.

China in Movies can be used as “culture readers” by the general public interested in Chinese culture and movies, or as textbooks by teachers of Chinese language and culture at the intermediary level and above, in or outside the classroom. In the classroom, teachers can use it to organize movie appreciation or discussion sessions, or to supplement language study and diversify language input.

双语对照 编者为电影和文化学习手册都提供外文翻译,以解决电影语言难度较高的问题,同时也为语言学习者营造相对轻松的学习氛围,激发学习兴趣,把学习重心放到对中国文化的理解以及与本民族文化的对比上,同时也方便学习者在课堂之外进行自学。
a. 代表性影片四部:完整、高清的电影DVD光盘。
b. 教学手册一本:中英文对照,彩色印刷,内容包括背景资料、片段赏析、文化点介绍和讨论、知识链接和互动活动,可供教师课堂教学讲解和组织活动,也可以作为中国文化赏析自学读本。
c. 多媒体互动教学光盘一张:内含经典视频片段、中外台词对照,方便教师根据教学需求选取电影片段,进行重点知识解析,组织角色扮演等。
d. 主题卡片一套:每套产品配有精美明信片十六张,图文并茂,与电影主题呼应,亦可作为书签。例如,“历史中国”的明信片图为中国文物、 书画,文为儒家经典语录。中国悠久历史沉淀下来的文化底蕴可见一斑。

4 Movie DVDs, 1 Teaching DVD, 1 Set of Postcards and Bookmarks, 1 Study Manual: Simplified Chinese and English, 112 pages, 7.5"x5.4"
Item: China in Movies: Chinese History (5 DVDs)
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