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New Practical Chinese Reader Textbook BLO210


New Practical Chinese Reader is a set of comprehensive Chinese language textbooks compiled for the purpose of teaching Chinese to adult non-native Chinese speakers without previous Chinese learning experience. The teaching concepts New Practical Chinese Reader upholds are taking language structure as the guideline and combining the teaching of language structure with the teachings of language functions and culture. By placing the focus of study on language structure and functional, cultural knowledge, as well as skills training for listening, speaking, reading and writing, New Practical Chinese Reader aims to foster learners’ ability to communicate in the Chinese language. It emphasizes the instructions of functional items and covers a wide range of topics. The book is divided into units, making it easy for users to differentiate the core content from the supplementary one and choose the content based on their needs.

Target readers: Overseas college freshman, sophomore or junior students who take Chinese as a major or minor subject; self-learners of Chinese language. This is the 2nd Edition with a MP3 CD attached. Please view Table of Content in Simplified Chinese characters.

Lessons: 1. Saying Hello; 2. Greetings; 3. Identifying People; 4. Asking Permission; 5. Looking for Someone; 6. Making Comments; 7. Making Acquaintances; 8. Talking about One's Family; 9. Birthday Celebrations in China; 10. Bargaining for Discounts; 11. Asking about Time; 12. Talking about Health; 13. Meeting a Friend and Arranging a Visit; 14. Making a Complaint or an Apology


Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, Pinyin and English, 242-323 pages/book, 8.25'' x 11.25'', 1 MP3 CD
Item: New Practical Chinese Reader Textbook
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