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Overview of Chinese Culture BLO264


The content of this textbook is well selected, involving themes closely related to the lives of Chinese people, such as clothing, food, housing and transportation. The themes are representative, national and interesting, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of international students to love and experience Chinese culture and better solve the cultural problems in real life. The textbook consists of 16 chapters, which are then divided into six modules: living customs, social customs, cultural heritage, athletics and leisure, national art, and ideology and culture. Each chapter is composed of six parts: lead-in questions, chapter body, cultural intercourse, cultural tours, free-talk questions and further reading and viewing, embodying the new culture teaching model of “cultural teaching and learning, cultural experience, and cultural application”. 


Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters , 174 pages, 10''x7.6''
Item: Overview of Chinese Culture
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