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The Spirit of the Chinese Character BLP004


Elizabeth Yu, one of our customers, wrote this review to help you learn more about this book: "If you only have the time and patience to learn forty Chinese characters in your lifetime, you should learn the ones in this book. The concepts described, such as "spirit," "benevolence," "harmony," "loyalty," and "wisdom," characterize so much of traditional Chinese thought and culture. The authors illustrate each character with beautiful brush and ink calligraphy on a rice paper background. There is also a short explanation accompanying each character telling why it is written just so. For example, the strokes making up the character "love" show us that the word means "breathing into the heart with a gracious motion." The character "enlightenment" shows the two components "sun" and "moon" which together light the world. Students who wish to practice writing these characters can follow the useful stroke order guide next to each explanation. This is a beautiful gift for the student or scholar, or just for those who appreciate Chinese culture."

By Barbara Aria with Russell Eng Gon, Hardcover, 94 pages, 8''x 6.8''
Item: The Spirit of the Chinese Character
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