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The Prompt Understanding of Measure Words BLP066


Measure words, a unique feature of the Chinese language, are difficult to learn and use for non-Chinese speakers. For this reason, this book has been designed to enable learners to use them correctly and appropriately in daily communication. The book covers 157 common measure words in the following four categories: measure words for nouns, measure words for verbs, double-function measure words and compound measure words. The basic meanings of each measure word are followed by usage explanations and English translations. Morever, typical examples of collocations, phrases, expressions used in special situations, or notes are arranged according to the needs of various measure words. This is a supplementary texbook of the course of elementary Chinese as well as a small dictionary, which can be used by foreigners in the everyday intercourse. Get Basic Chinese Sentence in the same series.

Paperback, 4.5" x 7.25"
Item: The Prompt Understanding of Measure Words
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