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Magnetic Poetry Kids' Chinese Kit BLP122


Co-developed and translated by ChinaSprout, the Magnetic Poetry Kids' Chinese Kit is a friendly way to help immerse children in learning Chinese. Each tile is printed on both sides and sticks both ways, with simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin on one side and the English translation on the other. Great for adult learners too! The kit contains over 140 double-sided word magnets. Break the magnet sheets into separate tiles and stick them to your fridge, locker, cookie sheet or any metal surface. Use the magnets like flash cards for your fridge or arrange the characters into simple phrases and watch a love of learning the Chinese language emerge! To see all 140 characters, click here.

Magnet piece: 1"x0.75" or 1"x1.5". Box Size: 6.1"x4.75"x1.25"
Item: Magnetic Poetry Kids' Chinese Kit
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