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Chinese Pronunciation BLP127


Chinese Pronunciation uses Chinese pinyin and pronunciation as a foundation. Divided into 24 lesson units, the units are designed to make use of further learning by inserting review material to refresh the student's memory when new material is introduced. Each unit introduces initial or final sounds and uses examples from daily life to help the learner integrate the sounds in a natural fashion. Each unit is also packed with colloquialisms and phrases that can be used in everyday life.  Every unit begins with a phonetic unit and includes six parts: Simple Pinyin Sounds, Combining Sounds, Read Out Loud, Speak and Sing, Practical Sentences, and Give it a Try. Review units are included after every few units which pose interesting questions to increase practise opportunities and help the learner become more familiar with pronunciation, pinyin and tones. It comes with 2 audio CDs and 1 CD-Rom.

Paperback, Pinyin and English, 152 pages, 11"x8.25", 2 CDs, 1 CD-ROM
Item: Chinese Pronunciation
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