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Illustration of The Radicals of Chinese Characters BLP132


The book analyzes 147 radicals according to which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries and over 3000 frequently used characters closely related to the radicals, providing the origins of the radicals and characters. Two indexes are included in the book: index arranged according to strokes and in alphabetical order. Radicals with forms that are almost identical or of similar origin are organized together, which is convenient for the reader to make a comparative study. It is a valuable reference book for CSL teachers. Written in simplified Chinese characters, except for the radicals explained in Chinese characters, Pinyin and English.


Paperback, Simplified or Traditional Chinese Character, 183 pages, 8.95"x6.7"; Traditional Characters: 223 Pages, 5.6"x8.25"
Item: Illustration of The Radicals of Chinese Characters
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