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A Shortcut To Learning Chinese BLP137


This book is written based on the cognitive principles of grouping, application and classification of Chinese characters in phrases or in sentences. The scope of Chinese radicals is classified into 31 categories that allows for learning to take place in a systematic and creative manner. This book makes Chinese language learning easy and enjoyable.
Layout design – The content of this book is presented in a unique way allowing readers to read in a variety of ways: from front to back; from back to front; start with the first text and guess the corresponding text; as a group of two words; according to categories; or from whichever page you like. This is to ensure that there is an even distribution of memory and understanding as well as to prevent forgetfulness.
Grouping – Each word comes with its corresponding synonyms and antonyms thereby providing a double-faceted cognitive learning function. Grouping also enhances the understanding of each word and makes memorizing easier.
Application – The content is presented in an intricate learning web. Learners start learning from a single word before expanding to phrases and sentences and finally to categories. Sentence examples used are in the simple sentence structure format which makes understanding Chinese grammar a whole lot easier. Classification – Contains 840 words which are classified into 31 categories, based on their definitions. “A Shortcut to Learning Chinese” comes in a set of 5 booklets which makes it easy to carry with you anywhere you go.

Paperback, 5 small books, Simplified Chinese Character, Pinyin and English, 142-196 pages, 5.8"x4.1"
Item: A Shortcut To Learning Chinese
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