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The Wisdom of Chinese Characters BLP156


The Wisdom of Chinese Characters is a learning resource designed for foreigners who wish to understand Chinese characters and the culture that they represent. Using intuitive visuals and simple language, the book reflects the wisdom of Chinese characters. While shedding light on the culture and ideology of the Chinese people, the book also demonstrates that Chinese characters are not only fascinating but also possess a certain degree of regularity in their structures and are surprisingly easy to learn. One of the purposes of this book is to dispel the fear that many non-Chinese feel when setting out to learn Chinese characters and to foster an interest in Chinese language and culture. This book can be used either as a textbook for Chinese culture classes or as pleasure reading for those interested in Chinese characters. Also available bundled with a DVD here.

《汉字的智慧》是一套为外国人介绍汉字及相关文化的产品,精装版包括视频DVD和彩色图书。  DVD制作精良,画面优美,并利用动画等多种技术手段,形象生动地展现出汉字的形体特点和中国文化的内涵;同时提供中、英文解说和字幕。全片总时长约60分钟,分为10集,每集一个主题,讲述了汉字的起源和流变,介绍了汉字的构造,剖析了汉字所蕴含的能折射出中国文化的智慧(如汉字与自然、人体、生活、建筑、民俗、哲学各方面的关系),展示了中国书法体现出的汉字艺术之美,并介绍了汉字的传播。配套图书内容更为丰富,用直观而精美的图示、浅显的语言告诉外国朋友,汉字并不难,汉字的构成有一定的规律,也很有趣,还反映了中国人的文化思想。图书为彩色印刷,中英文对照。

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, Pinyin and English, 329 pages, 9.5"x7.1"
Item: The Wisdom of Chinese Characters
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