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Amazing Characters & Magic Brushwork BLP164


The book focuses on TSL (Teaching Second Language), especially TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language). It combines character learning with calligraphy practice, hard-tip handwriting with brushwork, theories of calligraphy with hands-on training, and Chinese calligraphy with Chinese culture, thus providing a key for overseas learners of Chinese language and beginners of Chinese calligraphy. This book can be used as a course for general education in learners’ first semester.
The Textbook is divided into 15 chapters: 1. Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy, 2. Chinese Characters, 3. The Origins of Chinese Characters, 4. The Four Treasures of the Writing Studio, 5. The Styles of Chinese Calligraphy, 6. The History of Chinese Calligraphy, 7. The Practice of Chinese Calligraphy, 8. The Eight Basic Strokes, 9. The Stroke Order, 10. The Structures of Characters, 11. Tracing the Model Work, 12. Copying the Model Work, 13. Freehand Practice, 14. Appreciating Chinese Calligraphy, 15. Working on a Project. It introduces Chinese characters and Chinese calligraphy as well as the culture they represent. It is a fascinating book. The calligraphic works in this book are enjoyable and delightful for students. The last chapter teaches students to make greeting cards, banners and T-shirts, which is practical and interesting. The book is in double-column format and written in Simplified Chinese and English. 
The Workbook is printed in two colors and divided into two parts: Hard-tip calligraphy and Calligraphy by brush. Different types of grids are provided for students to write Chinese characters. 


Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 11.25" x 8.25", Textbook 164 pages, Workbook 188 pages
Item: Amazing Characters & Magic Brushwork
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