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500 Frequently Used Characters BLP168


Each volume includes two sets of flash cards, one poster and one booklet, which teache children to learn five hundreds of Chinese characters. In each volume, one set of flash card illustrates Chinese character with colorful pictures, while another set of flash card uses systematic method to help children recognize strokes and logics of word structures from easy to complex words. Along with phrases, rhymes and sample sentences, children learn words with similar stroke component but having differenct meaning. The poster helps children reinforce the words they have learned. The booklet provides detailed instruction how to use the flash cards and poster on one section and rhymes and stories with these five hudrends words to help children learn more these words by reading stories on another section. A great set for children to learn Chinese words with multiple tools while they are having fun. In simplified characters. Ages 4-12.

Box: 10.25"x8", Each Flash Card: 4"x6"
Item: 500 Frequently Used Characters
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