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3 Chinese Character Practice Books BLP187


With this characting writing book, you can practice writing Chinese characters all you want! Each page contains plenty of grids for you to write in. Tian Zi Ge (田字格) is suitable for learners who just begin to write Chinese. Lines within each grids can help you better manage and balance the position of the radical and stroke of each character. After practing for some time, you may try to practice with Fang Ge Ben (方格本) and check if you can write a beautiful Chinese character! Each page of Tian Zi Ge (田字格) has 140 grids. Each page of Feng Ge Ben (方格本) has 176 grids. Price is for one set of 3 writing books.

22 pages/book, 3 books/bag, 10.43"x7.48"
Item: 3 Chinese Character Practice Books
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