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1000 Frequently Used Chinese Characters BLP189


This book, particularly intended for the CFL (Chinese as a Foreign Language) learners, aims to help the learners fully master the 1000 basic Chinese characters. Most selected characters are in Level-1 of The Syllabus for Chinese Proficiency Vocabulary and Graded Chinese Characters. The common meanings and examples are provided for each character. Pinyin and English are provided for example words and sentences. This book covers information on each character concerning its strokes, order of strokes, structure, original complicated form and its form in ancient writing system. Knowledge on Chinese strokes, structures, order of strokes and radicals are in the appendix. Indexing methods based on phonetics, strokes and radicals are provided in this book.


Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 555 pages, 7.5"x5.25"
Item: 1000 Frequently Used Chinese Characters
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