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Basic Chinese 500 - Fluent Reader BLP199


Basic Chinese 500 contains 5 levels: Beginning Reader, Budding Reader, Building Reader, Confident Reader, Fluent Reader.  All the course text come with Pinyin to show pronunciation and English translation.  Each Reader level teaches 100 Chinese words, starting from the most frequently used ones.  The child learns to read sentences from the very start, which is the natural way for a child to learn to speak. By repeatedly reading the new words in various scenarios, the child grasps the meaning of each word and the knowledge becomes solidified.

「思展方程式」基礎漢字500是一套專為學前兒童而設計的漢字識字法「思展方程式」透過對現代漢字應用的深入研究和分析,配合幼兒成長的生理和心理特點以及他們的學習模式,再經過實踐應用而產生,是一套嶄新的科學識字法。 「思展方程式」的識字方法採選了500個兒童日常生活和兒童文學中最常出現的中文字,以字的常用頻率和兒童的理解能力作為基準,分成五個水平階段,讓孩子循序漸進地學習認讀和理解漢字。課程的設計讓孩子在很短時間內就可以初步掌握兒童圖書中出現的大部份字,幫助他們早日達到獨立閱讀的能力。

Paperback, Simplified or Traditional Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 120 pages/book, 7.75"x7.75"
Item: Basic Chinese 500 - Fluent Reader
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