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Interesting Characters BLP202


Interesting Characters 1 is a book that introduces commonly used Chinese characters. The content contains 253 Chinese characters; each character is presented with its origin, evolution, and a pictogram. Pictograms are the earliest known form of writing and generally used in Chinese schools to help students visualize the meaning behind a character. Each pictogram is accompanied by an interesting story to increase the attainment of its meaning. The content of these books helps readers to easily understand the meaning of words and helps to enhance their association ability. This serves as a great tool for fluent Chinese-speaking parents to educate their children, while offering them a strong foundation to learn Chinese. This book is also appropriate for Intermediate students to improve their reading comprehension while simultaneously reviewing and learning the history behind each character. For ages 8-15.

很多漢字都是由圖畫組成,背後還有很多有趣故事。透過圖畫和字形的結合,兒童容易掌握字形,理解字義,增強聯想能力。閱讀有趣故事,可加深對漢字的認識,和字的產生背景。因此,學習漢字,同時有助認識中國社會的變化歷程。成人可以利用書中圖畫,跟兒童玩「看圖猜字」,增加學習趣味,加深印象。《有趣的漢字 1》選錄了253個字,以圖畫性強的漢字(象形)為主。

Paperback, Traditional Chinese Characters, 150-202 pages, 9.15"x7.35"
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