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New Analysis of Chinese Characters BLP203


New Analysis of Chinese Characters describes the origins of Chinese characters and how they have changed over time. To create reader's interest, each character is described in detail and its significance as well as historical evolution of the structures of the character. Also included are detailed images of the characters and a DVD.


庄婧,阳光卫视制片人、主持人。主持及策划栏目有《历史血脉》、《阳光三十分》 、《寻访先知的土地》、《子夜》、《春秋》、《说文解字》、《阳光书坊》等,她曾是挑战主持人冠军。 

By Zhuang Jing, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 1 DVD
Item: New Analysis of Chinese Characters
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