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Understanding Chinese Words BLP215


Understanding Chinese Words is a book that introduces the most commonly used Chinese words. The content contains 196 Chinese characters; each word is presented with its origin, evolution, sample phrases and sentences. This serves as a great tool for fluent Chinese-speaking parents to educate their children, while offering them a strong foundation to learn Chinese. This book is also appropriate for Intermediate and Advanced students to improve their reading comprehension while simultaneously reviewing and learning the history behind each character.

每一個漢字都有一段創造發明的故事,每一個漢字都凝聚著我們祖先的聰明智慧,每一個漢字就是一幅圖畫,描繪了千百年中國社會的蛻變。本書分為「象形篇、指事篇、形聲篇、會意篇」,共收錄 195 個基礎漢字,詳細講解造字方式,還配有古字形,組詞和造句等,引導小朋友先了解字意,再認識字形,牢固地掌握漢字形與義。

Hardcover, Traditional Chinese characters, 113 pages, 7"x 9.25"
Item: Understanding Chinese Words
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