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Learn Chinese Stroke and Characters in Fairy Tales Series 2 BLP227


Learn Chinese Characters in Fairy Tales teaches young children Chinese characters while they read fairy tales. Each character is introduced with stroke, the story of the characters and colorful illustrations. Each book introduces one stroke, so children will learn different characters based on this stroke. A fun book for children to learn Chinese storke and characters. Series 2 has six titles. Please view more details on each title in Simplified Chinese characters.


Book Titles:
Can Tomorrow Come Faster 明天能快点儿来到吗:宝盖头
Guliter And Anteater 古丽特和大食蚁兽:女字旁
The Adventure of Little Poor 小可怜儿历险记:反犬旁
Farmer Under the Farm 地下菜园里的小农民:虫字旁
Small Sloth Tata 小树懒绿达达:木字旁
The Night Spirit 小土精和黑夜小精灵:月字旁

By Ming Zhao, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters and Pinyin, 42-46 Pages/book, 9.75"x8.25"
Item: Learn Chinese Stroke and Characters in Fairy Tales Series 2
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