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Most Commonly Used Strokes, Radicals and Measure Words BLP302


The series is divided into common strokes, radical common and common quantifiers three, each consisting of two books. The series aims to teach children how to correctly hold a pen and to learn rules of stroke order. It is also designed to help consolidate writing methods with Chinese characters and memorization.

本书分为常用笔划、常用偏旁和常用量词三种,每种两册。本书通过指导儿童正确的握笔方法、写作姿势及汉字笔顺规则, 由浅入深,循序渐进,科学合理地帮助儿童练习汉字书写。书内配有拼音、图片和书写顺序指导,帮助儿童快速认识并正确书写汉字。同时书内配有练习,帮助儿童巩固所学汉字的书写方法,提高学习汉字效率。

Book Titles:
Stroke Vol. 1 笔画1
Stroke Vol. 2 笔画2
Radical Vol. 1 偏旁1
Radical Vol. 2 偏旁2
Measure Word Vol. 1 量词1
Measure Word Vol. 2 量词2

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 24 pages/book, 10.25"x7.5"
Item: Most Commonly Used Strokes, Radicals and Measure Words
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