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Magic Word Puzzle BLP363


Designed exclusively for beginners in Chinese to help them familiarize themselves with Chinese vocabulary and improve their sentence construction ability.
● 300 words selected from YCT Level 1 to 3 vocabulary. These words encompass such topics as health, family, school, weather, food, colors, hobbies, numbers, shopping and holidays.
● One word on each card. The commonly-used words such as 有,是 have at least two cards for each word. Some blank cards are used to add new words if needed.
● Four colors on the back of the cards are used to indicate the parts of speech.
● Three games are provided, but you can come up with more if you like.
● Game instructions are provided in Chinese, English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Indonesian, Thai and Russian.

● 词汇选自YCT1-3级,共300个(1级80个词汇,2级70个词汇,3级150个词汇),包含身体、家庭、学校、天气、食物、颜色、爱好、数字、购物、节日等主题词汇;
● 每词一张拼图卡片,常用词如“有”、“是”等会有两张以上卡片,每盒词汇另有多张空白卡可自制新词卡;
● 拼图卡片背面根据词性分成4种颜色;
● 内附中文、英文、西班牙文、法文、德文、阿拉伯文、印尼文、泰文、俄文的游戏说明书,提供3种游戏方式,也可以自行设计更多玩法。

Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, Level 1: 115 Cards; Level 2: 105 Cards; Level 3: 170 Cards.
Item: Magic Word Puzzle
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