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Learning Chinese from Stories BLR035



Book Titles:
Reading Comprehension 1-Who Would be the Sheriff? 看故事學閱讀理解1-誰來當總警長?
Reading Comprehension 2-The Secret in the Message 看故事學閱讀理解2-字條中的秘密
Rhetoric 1-Saving the King 看故事學修辭1-救救胖國王
Rhetoric 2-The Lost Chef 看故事學修辭2-落敗的廚師
Punctuation 1-The King Comes Back to Life! 看故事學標點符號1-瘦國王復活了!
Punctuation 2-The King is a Fool? 看故事學標點符號2-國王是笨蛋?

By Joyce Fong, Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters, 66-80 pages/book, 9.25"x 7.25"
Item: Learning Chinese from Stories
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