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Learning Chinese Through Performance BLS009


Learning Chinese Through Performance is specifically tailored for Chinese learners as supplimentary learning/teaching materials. By emplolying update-to-date language teaching materials and flexible genre style, authors of this book strive to create a lively and relaxing learning enviroment. Adjustments are made on contents, formats, difficulty level and length of text according to the learing level of non-native speakers to faciliate their performance and reading. Thus to stimulate students' interest and passion in learning the Chinese lanugae and to deepen their understanding of China. Characteristics of this book are: First, it is various in genres, such as spoken-language-intensive dramas and polular shows, expressive poetry readings, and traditional Chinese art form - comic dialogue. Second, it is rich in content, including the social life in modern China, learing experience as a foreigner studying in China, as well as the reflection of Chinese culture story. Third, it is suitable for students of Chinese proficiency. The book comes with 1 DVD.

<<表演学汉>>是专门为汉语学习者量身定做的教学辅助用书。教材运用鲜活的汉语语言材料和灵活多样的体裁样式,力图营造快乐轻松的氛围,同时在内容、形式、难度和长度上根据外国汉语学习者的水平加以调整,使之更适合演出或阅读,希望以此激发学习者学习汉语的兴趣和激情,同时加深他们对中国的了解。 其特点是: 一、体裁多样,既有口语色彩浓厚的话剧,大家喜闻乐见的小品,也有抒发个人情感的诗歌朗诵,充满滑稽色彩的双簧,还有中国的传统艺术形式--相声。 二、内容丰富,既有反映现代中国社会生活的,也有反映外国朋友留学中国、学习汉语的,还有体现中国文化的小故事。 三、适合留学生的汉语水平。考虑到留学生的汉语水平,教材对词汇和语法难度都进行了控制,90%的词语是甲级词和乙级词,比较适合汉语学习者阅读。


Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 179 pages, 9"x6.75", 1 DVD
Item: Learning Chinese Through Performance
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