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Guide for International Chinese Language Teachers BLS062


Language and Culture focuses on aspects of both Chinese language and culture. The language section covers such topics as people, nations, numbers, family and shopping while the culture section introduces Chinese cuisine, music, kung fu, paper-cutting, calligraphy, painting, facial make-up and ceramics. This book provides a variety of practical teaching approaches and targeted solutions that will assist teachers of overseas students, and is an especially excellent guide for novice Chinese teachers. 

Teaching and Classroom Management is based on the experiences of a teacher who has taught Chinese overseas for many years. It covers such content as how to prepare a course, start a first lesson, teach pinyin and Chinese characters, introduce traditional festivals and ancient Chinese culture, and also how to evaluate one’s teaching ability. This book provides readers with real cases, teaching experiences and solutions, and is good guidance for novices of Chinese teaching. 



Book Titles:
Language and Culture 语言与文化篇
Classroom Management 教学与管理篇

By Yingying Ye, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 278 pages,11.5"x8.75"
Item: Guide for International Chinese Language Teachers
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