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50 Activities for the International Chinese Classroom BLS068


The book provides a useful and resourceful collection of instructional activities for Chinese language teachers in secondary and post-secondary settings. You can simply take and use whatever suitable for your students at different proficiency levels to improve pronunciation, strengthen character and vocabulary learning, and integrate grammar usage. A valuable activity book after "Let's Play Games in Chinese" by Ted Yao & Scott McGinnis originally published in 1989.
Dr. Miao-fen Tseng (曾妙芬)– author of AP Chinese Language & Culture Teacher's Guide & The Handbook of Tasks & Rubrics for Teaching Mandarin Chinese

This book provides lots of good ideas and hands-on activities that teachers may easily adopt and work with their students.  Activities such as tone practices, group recitation, parallel proverbs, and usage of grammar points are engaging, flexible, relevant, and most importantly, fun!  The authors cleverly integrate the 5C's into these innovative activities, while students are able to enhance their language skills through practices. Group projects by using social media technology are also introduced. Topics that are connected to student’s life experience are suggested for phone chatting and interactive interviews.  Meaningful play is the goal!  Throughout the book, students will engage in these fun-filled activities. 
Marisa Fang(林宛芊) – author of Chinese Treasure Chest 中文百宝箱  and other titles


《玩着学中文 — 国际汉语教学活动50例》是一本建立在交际法教学理论基础上的、精心设计的中文课堂活动专著。作者有针对性地从声调的识别和掌握、汉字的辨认和读写、词汇的积累和扩充以及疑难语法的理解和运用等汉语学习的四个难点入手,编写了旨在创造有意义的语言交流环境,营造轻松愉快的学习气氛以及提供多种练习和复习形式的课堂活动实例。相信这些有趣的课堂活动会为广大中文学习者在带来学习乐趣的同时,带来更为多样化的学习方式,为中文教师提供课堂活动设计的有益参考。
梁霞, 华盛顿大学(圣路易斯), 东亚语言与文化系中文语言项目负责人,高级讲师

By Chen Dongdong and Cynthia W. Fellows, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 293 Pages, 9.1" x 6.75"
Item: 50 Activities for the International Chinese Classroom
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