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Teaching Chinese Language in USA Elementary Schools BLS072


Many English speaking parents want to enhance the competitiveness of their children, opt to let their children attend bilingual schools and lean Chinese language as secondary language. But how to make children learn Chinese quickly and easily in a fun way? Welcome to immersive teaching method that is getting ever more popular! Its methods are not only apply to Chinese teaching, but any foreign language teaching as well. This book provides detail classroom teaching steps and methods. It also shares the author's  teaching experience in US schools, and constructs a practical manual that is closest to the reality of Chinese teaching for American children.

The book introduces immersive projects, preparations for school term, teaching plans, class room rules and routines, interpersonal relationships with teachers and school administrators, as well as student activities and  theatrical plays at final session.





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By Yang Show May and Chong Pei Jiuan, Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters, 174 pages, 9x6.7
Item: Teaching Chinese Language in USA Elementary Schools
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