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An A to Z Grammar for Chinese Language Learners BLS073


345 entries of modern Chinese grammar, arranged alphabetically by Hanyu Pinyin. Designed specifically for Chinese language learners of all levels.

Grammatical entries include three subsections: Function, Structure and Usage.
  (1) The Function section answers the questions ‘What is the purpose of this grammar item?’ and ‘How do native speakers use it?’
  (2) The Structure section explains grammar points, including descriptions of negative and interrogative structures, so that learners can \            become skilled at making sentences using negative structures and asking questions.
  (3) A Usage section is provided when applicable to compare and contrast structures found in the Chinese and English languages.
  This reference guide can give learners a clear understanding of grammar points and help them master Chinese.

  Excellent companion to any Chinese learning textbook.


  語法點由 A~Z 編排,方便查找搜尋

By Deng Shouxin, Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters, 367 pages, 9.1x6.6
Item: An A to Z Grammar for Chinese Language Learners
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