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Practical Chinese for Children Set 2 BLT031


Built on Practical Chinese 1, as the second of two sets in the Practical Chinese Learning series, this set includes the Practical Chinese Textbook 2 and Workbook 2. SDesigned for children 8 year olds and above whose native language is not Chinese, this set of book teaches children basic daily spoken Chinese sentences. All the sentences are used by students in very high frequency in their daily life so that they can practice what they have been learning in real life. Each lesson includes Standard Sentences, Grammer, Examples, Readings, and Vocabularies. Simplified Characters, English and Pinyin.

This textbook and excercise book includes 10 lessons:
Unit 11 - What day is today?
Unit 12 - What time is it now?
Unit 13 - Where do you live?
Unit 14 - Where do you work?
Unit 15 - Where are you going?
Unit 16 - I have got your meaning
Unit 17 - It's so beautiful here!
Unit 18 - I made the computer malfunction.
Unit 19 - He rang the bell three times.
Unit 20 - The little rabbit was eaten by a wolf.

Each lesson teaches vocabularies, sentences, grammer, and examples. Paperback, Text Book: 109 Pages, Workbook: 40 Pages, 8.25"x11"
Item: Practical Chinese for Children Set 2
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