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Practical Chinese Textbooks BLT034


This series of books teaches children, aged 7 and up, to read, write, and understand Chinese language (Mandarin). Each lesson includes text, sample sentences, vocabulary lists, and exercises. Written in simplified or traditional characters, Pinyin and English, the lessons in Level 1 include: People; Where are You From?; Where are They From?; We are Chinese; We are Students; Do you Have Sisters?; How many people do you have in your family?; Which grade are you in?; What is your name?; How are you?; How old are you?; My Good Friends. Lessons in Level 2 include: This is a book; Long pencil; Thick paper; Guess; Mama's eyes; Animal noses; One head; Beautiful Teeth. Lessons in Level 3 include: Going to the zoo; the Calendar; Making a phone call; Do you have pets?; Birthday gifts; My toys; Having a play date; Me; My interests; My wishes. Lessons in Level 4 include: Looking for a tutor; Making phone calls; Buying tickets; Letters to grandma; My diary; Time; Asking for directions; Buying fruit; Buying clothes.

Paperback, English, Chinese and Pinyin, Choose from Simplified and Traditional Characters, Level 1: 58 Pages, Level 2: 68 Pages, Level 3: 88 Pages, Level 4: 86 Pages, All Books 8.25'' x 11''
Item: Practical Chinese Textbooks
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