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Hanyu Jiaocheng Textbook Level 1 BLT055


Primary choice to begin your Chinese learning with. Altogether there are three volumes, each of which is divided into two volumes. The first two are used in the first semester, the third used in the second semester. The course is divided into three stages: the phonetic stage for developing the pronunciation skills and learning common characters, the grammar stage for developing simple communication skills through conversations, and the lexical stage for expanding vocabulary through essays reading, and developing the ability to express themselves. Grammar, words and sentences are put into the real life situations. The textbook consists of six parts: text, new word, explanatory notes , grammar , pronunciation and exercises, containing 100 texts and 3,300 new words in all. Since the publication in 1999, Chinese Course has been receiving warm welcome from the learners and teachers. To meet the increasing needs for the book, it was revised and published again with the joint efforts of the author and the Beijing Language and Culture Universtiy Press.Based on the original frame, the revised edition reduced the number of lessons from 100 to 76, and the degree of difficulty is lowered to enable it to be finished within one year. Outdate texts are deleted, and the contents are revised to make the book timely. The explanations of language points are also modified, and the order is rearranged to make it more convenient for teaching.

《汉语教程》修订本 1.调整教材难度。修订本在保持原有语言点框架不变的前提下,从原来的100课精简到现在的76课,并且降低了课文的语言难度,一般学校一年都可以学完。 2.淘汰过时课文。删去了部分过时的课文,对于某些课文中不合时宜的内容进行了修改,使教材可以跟上时代和社会的发展。 3.完善语法讲解。根据教学反馈,改进了某些语言点的讲解,调整了某些语言点的出现顺序,使之更易于教学。 本教程适用对象是零起点的汉语学习者。整套书共76课。第一册1~30课。分上、下两册,每册15课。建议课时为:每课2学时。(每学时50分钟)第二册1~20课。分上、下两册,每册10课。建议课时10课。建议课时为:每课4学时。第三册1~26课。分上、下两册,每册13课。建议课时为:每课6~7学时。


Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, Pinyin and English, 131-192 Pages, 10.1''x7.25"
Item: Hanyu Jiaocheng Textbook Level 1
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