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Instant Immersion Mandarin Chinese - 8 CDs BLT077


Designed to emulate everyday situations you may experience while in China, the Instant Immersion Mandarin Chinese course fully prepares you for interaction among native Mandarin Chinese speakers. Developed by university professors and linguistic experts, this thorough curriculum moves you from a beginning speaking level to an intermediate level, fast ­ simply hear the words in Mandarin Chinese, their English translation, and then repeat. Starting with a complete phonetic introduction to the alphabet (each sound is also demonstrated with a vocabulary term), this 8-cassette suite focuses on building a strong vocabulary base of commonly used terms. Each advancing cassette includes concepts from the previous lessons, ensuring retention of each core principle. The lessons covered in each cassette are as follows: Cassette 1: Pronunciation: Four tones, finals and initials, Cassette 2: Common expressions; Greetings; Introductions, Cassette 3: Numbers; Time, date. Cassette 4: Weather; Families; Hobbies; Jobs. Cassette 5: Making friends; Schooling; Banking. Cassette 6: Making phone calls; Scheduling appointments, Cassette 7: Shopping and bargaining; Dining and Chinese food, Cassette 8: Directions; Traffic; Traveling.

8 Audio CDs
Item: Instant Immersion Mandarin Chinese - 8 CDs
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