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Chinese Made Easy Textbook 5 BLT092


One of the best Chinese language textbooks for young students, Chinese Made Easy takes a new approach to teaching Chinese as a second language. Designed for young students taking the SAT II Chinese Test (US), GCSE/IGSE Mandarin Chinese Exams (UK), and Australian Mandarin exams, or students who are starting to learn Chinese on their own, the text features task-based learning coupled with a focus on form and function. With a wide variety of text presentations, practice materials, and up-to-date topics relevant to young students (ages 10 and up), great attention is paid to careful pacing for gradual progress in language skills, with clearly focused aims for each unit, regular consolidation, and consistent reinforcement. Language materials are presented in fun and motivating ways, with highly attractive and colorful pages. Content focuses on learning about Chinese and Western festivals, Communication and the Media, Entertainment, Celebrities, Young People, Law and Order, Education and Employment, Environment, New Technology and a Healthy lifestyle. (Textbook includes two CDs.) Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, and English.


By Yamin Ma and Xinying Li, Paperback, 104 Pages, 8.25" x 11.5", 2 CDs
Item: Chinese Made Easy Textbook 5
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