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BCT Standard Course BLU023


BCT standard Course is officially compiled by Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters for Business Chinese Test. This series stresses a student-centered concept, and putting listening and speaking first, with reading and writing to follow, and integrating the essential ideas of a communicative approach, theme-based teaching and task-based language teaching. This series of books provide formative assessment through the learning process and summative assessment at the end of each course which is aimed at promoting the combination of teaching and learning by testing.
The books are based on Business Chinese Competency Standards and written for 5 levels. Based on BCT (A) Vocabulary Outline and BCT (B) Vocabulary Outline, the teaching objectives and vocabulary of this series of books are designed as follow: general learners who study the book 1, 2 and 3 can pass BCT (A) and learners who study the book 4 and 5 can pass the new BCT (B). As to the content arrangement, learning time for every unit is less than 5 minutes, which guarantees fragmented and systematic learning to reach the requirement of gradual improvement.
The digital version of the textbooks is also offered. Learners can download the App by mobile phone or other mobile device. It can be used as the tool for learning and assessment, it can also manage and track the learning process. At present, intelligent, real-time scoring algorithms and game-like challenges, intelligent voice assessing, and language games have been uploaded.
《BCT 标准教程》是一套为BCT(Business Chinese Test,商务汉语考试)量身打造的教材。本教程以学习者为中心,强调“听说领先,读写跟进”,并融入交际法、主题式教学法和任务型教学的核心理念,同时为学习者提供贯穿始终的形成性评价与终结性评价,从而更好地推动了“考教结合”“以考促教”“以考促学”。本教程共5册,分别对应《商务汉语能力标准》五个等级,学完本教程第一、二、三册,可通过BCT(A)考试,学完本教程第四、五册,可通过BCT(B)考试。在内容安排上,每一模块内容的学习时间不超过5分钟,保证学习内容碎片化的同时,又保证了学习内容的系统化。

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 159-217 pages/book, 9.x6.75.
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