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I've Become a Fire-Breathing Dragon BSB040


There was a mosquito by the name of Botai who carried the fire-breathing disease. Botai liked to suck blood from people with bad tempers. Ahguli was a bad temper dragon. Early this morning, Ahguli got stung by Botai and grew a bump. Naturally, he was very angry. Ahguli shouted and did not expect that ...  He would breathe fire. Do you know how inconvenient it is for a monster to breathe fire like this ? What should Ahguli do to put out the fire ? Choose from Simplified Chinese Character edition or Traditional Chinese Characters and Zhuyin version. A bilingual CD is attached with both version.

波泰是一只会传染喷火病的蚊子。他喜欢吸坏脾气人的血。 有一天,爱生气的阿古力被波泰叮了一口,竟开始不停的喷火…… 对一只怪兽来说,不停的喷火有多不方便啊! 阿古力要怎样才能灭火呢?变成喷火龙的阿古力,生活变的很不方便,原本要吃的汉堡,变成了焦炭;心爱的玩具也烧焦了;更糟的事,连他的邻居跟好朋友都烧伤了!现在,古怪国的人们都不敢接近阿古力。 无奈的阿古力想尽了各种方法来灭火:他把自己泡在水里、埋进沙堆、冰到冰箱哩,可是都没有办法灭火。阿古力伤心的哭了起来,哭了好久好久,没想到,泪水跟鼻水把大伙都给浇熄了,阿古力高兴的笑了,其它的朋友也都恭喜他。 只有波泰的下一个目标会是哪一个爱生气的人呢? 附双语故事CD一张。

By LaiMa, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, 44 Pages, Traditional Chinese characters and Zhuyin, 38 pages, 9.75"x9.5", 1 Bilingual CD, English Translated Booklet
Item: I've Become a Fire-Breathing Dragon
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