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Children's Picture Books BSB216


The Children's Emotion and Personality Picture Books includes four stories, each of which teaches children about how to handle different types of emotional situations, all of which have become important topics in modern culture. Children will learn about the different emotions associated with the issues, and how they can work to appropriately express these emotions and overcome adversity and challenges. Ages 4-8. Please review the introduction of each book.

“儿童情绪与人格培养绘本”是一套让人感觉温暖的书。书中的主角像我们现实生活中的孩子一样不完美,他们面临着成长中的种种困惑:害羞、不自信、不喜欢吃饭、注意力不集中……但最终,他们都从自己内心找到了问题的答案. 请参阅每本书的中文简介

Book Titles:
Full Mouse Empty Mouse 我要爱上吃饭
I Don't Know Why-I Guess I'm Shy 我要更勇敢
Learning To Slow Down Pay Attention 我要更专心
I Want Your Moo 我要更自信

By Dina Zeckhausen, PH.D., Barbara Cain, Kathleen G.Nadeau, Ph.D.,Marcella B. Weiner, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 31-79 pages/book, 8.75"x8.25"
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