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Julie Black Belt: The Belt of Fire BSC249


Julie Black Belt: The Belt of Fire picks up as Julie proudly wears her yellow belt and is eager to attain her next rank: orange! Still inspired by Brandy Wu, an action movie star, Julie now meets a new student in her class...but is he better than her? Can Julie learn to improve her abilities while becoming a gracious partner, and ultimately earning her own Belt of Fire? Kung fu means a skill achieved through consistent dedication. But Julie discovers that knowing the correct moves isn’t the most important thing. An experienced teacher tells her that a balanced mindset makes anything possible. Artist Charlene Chua’s colorful and dynamic illustrations make Julie’s journey one that any aspiring martial arts practitioner, as well as their parents and instructors, will enjoy.

By Oliver Chin, Illustrated by Charlene Chua, Hardcover, English, 36 pages, 10.75"x8.75"
Item: Julie Black Belt: The Belt of Fire
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