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Chinese Story Books About Values BSE026


Choose from any one of these four books, and you'll find yourself enveloped in distant lands where the people might be bears or badgers, but the fundamental values are still the same. Teach your child about love (I Love You), family (A Little House), self-awareness (The Boy and the Frog) and cleanliness (The Little Girl's Braid) with these books. Each story is beautifully illustrated in its own unique way. Great for children who read Chinese or for use as reading material for children studying Chinese. In simplified characters only; no English is included in these books. Price is for each book.

Book Titles:
I Love You 我爱你
A Little House 一座小房子
The Boy and the Frog 男孩和青蛙
The Little Girl 小女孩的小辫子
The Goblins bad temper 坏脾气的小妖精
Meditations on the Night 静静的夜
Gathering of the Snails 蜗牛的聚会
My Little Chair 我的小椅子
The Lion Who Wants to See the Ocean 想看海的大狮子

Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, 24 pages each book, 7.25" x 8.25''
Item: Chinese Story Books About Values
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