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Early Readers Series (8 Books) BSE147


The Early Reader Set of 8 books includes 8 engaging tales authored by childhood reading specialists with fun illustrations that appeal to children's sense of fun and adventure. Each book emphasizes a different Chinese character radical to teach character structure and meaning. The series includes titles such as "Mr. Bat's Garden," "Bunny Rabbit Skips," and "What Time is it Old Wolf?" This series is suitable for elementary and middle school students. In Simplified or Traditional Chinese characters and Pinyin. Simplified Characters is for a set of 8 books and Traditional Characters is for a set of 7 books.


Book Titles:
Red Ant's Festival Gift红蚂蚁的节日礼物
How High is the City Gate城门城门几丈高
Mr. Bat's Garden蝙蝠先生的花园
Hide and Seeking Game在皮皮鼠家捉迷藏
Water Baby Going Home水娃娃回家
What is the Time老狼老狼几点钟
Going Picnic皮皮鼠一家去野餐
Little Rabit Playing Rope Skipping兔兔跳绳

Paperback, Simplified or Traditional Chinese Character and Pinyin, 28 pages/book, 7.5"x8.25"
Item: Early Readers Series (8 Books)
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