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Story Books by Wenxuan Cao BSE351


One of the most celebrated Chinese young adults literature writers, Cao Wenxuan wrote these picture books for younger children. With his well-known writing style and theme, Cao tells the stories in countryside with simple and loving language. Illustrated with the watercolor paintings, these storybooks are great for children to experirence the life in countryside and learn the Chinese language. In Simplified Chinese characters. Ages 4-8. Please review the description in Chinese


Book Titles:
Chrysanthemum Doll 菊花娃娃
Last Leopard 最后一只豹子
A Big Fish Swims East 一条大鱼向东游
Crazy Rooster 痴鸡
Bird Boat 鸟船
Flying Bird Nest 飞翔的鸟窝
Horse and Horse 马和马
The Hound Dog with Bandy Legs 罗圈腿的小猎狗

By Wenxuan Cao, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Character, 34 pages/book, 9.3"x10.6"
Item: Story Books by Wenxuan Cao
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