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Lily's Wonderland BSE398


Lily's Wonderland Series comprises 10 books. Each book with an interesting story to tell about school life or the topic learnt at school. The books are written in simple languages and have colourful pictures, which help readers to understand the story. Some exercises are provided by the end of each book to reinforce the learning. The series is suitable for young readers under the age of 15. An audio CD in Mandarin Chinese is included for each book. In simplified Chinese characters and pinyin with a one page English translation at the end of the book. Please view more details on each title in Simplified Chinese characters.


Book Titles:
Change Change Change 变变变
A Pair of Sharp Eyes 一双好眼睛
I Can Fly 我会飞
A Skirt That Can Change Color 会变色的裙子
In Mummy's Arms 妈妈的怀抱
A Fearless Robot 不怕枪的机器人
A Talking Doll 会说话的娃娃
Come Out Of The TV And Play 从电视里走出来
A Ride In A Toy Car 坐玩具车
A Doll Doctor 给娃娃治病
Lily's Garden On The Sea 海上花园
A Flying Car 会飞的汽车
A Big Cake 大蛋糕
Going Star Picking 摘星星
Taking A Balloon to The Moon 抓着气球上月亮
I Dont Want An Injection 我不要打针
Lily's Remote Control Eyes 眼睛遥控器
Up Into The Sky 飞上天
Collecting Thunder and Lightning 收集雷电
Traveling 旅行去

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters and Pinyin, 29 pages/book, 8.25"x5.3", 1 CD-ROM
Item: Lily's Wonderland
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