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Storybooks by Liu Qingyan BSE617


The books in this series are about beautiful encounters with nature, people, and animals. Revolving around a central theme of gathering insights, or seeking knowledge, the books are an incredibly resourceful tool for children learning to express their curiosities, and explore their creativity. The language used in these books are poetic and the illustrations create an immersive experience of culture and creativity. Each book contains its own unique story, that can be extracted and analyzed separately. Ages 3-8


该系列是启发华语原创绘本系列之一,适合3-8岁儿童阅读。文字作者刘清彦的语言精炼沉稳,情节节奏适度,故事充满希望、鼓舞人心。绘者的线条充满力度,但亦刚亦柔,还能创造层次与肌理。 请点击查看分册介绍.

Book Titles:
Grandpa's Cherry Blossom Road 爷爷的樱花道
Little Magpie and Rocky Mountain 小喜鹊和岩石山
Yas and King's New Clothes 亚斯的国王新衣
My Brother's World 弟弟的世界
Woodpecker Girl 啄木鸟女孩

By Liu Qingyan, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 32-34 pages/book, 10.75"x8.6"
Item: Storybooks by Liu Qingyan
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